Cattle Handling Facilities

We carry several products designed to make the cattle farmer's life easier. Whether it's our bargain-priced economy gates (#2 quality with minor scratches or paint blemishes) or our sophisticated systems of corrals, sweeps, and chutes, we can help you engineer a solution for your enterprise.

Dealer for Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment

We are an authorized dealer for cattle handling equipment from Tarter. If you see something on their website that you need, email us with a description of your needs or a link from Tarter. We normally stock several kinds of gates and panels.

Stock on Hand

3 See our Gates and Panels
We normally stock a variety of sizes of both economy and heavy duty, steel gates both with and without wire filling. All prices do not include sales tax. We cannot accept a farm tax number for gates. Call us to make an appointment to see the gates. Economy Gates 4' width: $69 6' width:...
3 10' Metal Grain Feeder

$ 289.00

Top quality 10' Tarter metal grain feeders 14 gauge feed bunk. 289.00 plus tax. Can be seen by appointment.
1 Heavy Duty Hay Ring

$ 380.00

3 piece heavy duty S bar hay feeders. These are the heaviest hay rings on the market that I have found for my customers that want something to last. Come physically pick one up and you'll agree! 380.00 plus tax or farm tax number.
3 CattleMaster Series 3 Chute

$ 2,800.00

Features Multi-purpose single-operator design saves you time and money. Automatic and Manual Headgate Options  Automatic: does the catching for you Manual: simple and easy to operate Easy Operation Easy-Pull Tailgate Feature. Allows you to work cattle by yourself. Easy...
3 CattleMaster Series 6 Chute

$ 4,500.00

Automatic and Manual Headgate Options Automatic Headgate: Does the catching for you.  Manual Headgate: A simple easy to operate lever that gets the job done.  Easy Operation  Easy-Pull Tailgate Feature. Allows you to work cattle by yourself.  Easy Squeeze...
9 Cattle Sweep Systems

$ 1,480.00

These galvanized sweep systems are Heavy Duty and a full 6' tall. Several different options available to suit your needs. Here are some package prices. We also have 3 point equipment for sale. 90 degree sweep with 10' of alleyway. $1480.00  90 degree sweep with 20' of alleyway,...

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