Farm Service Solutions carries a variety of farm equipment, often at discounted prices if you don't mind an occasional blemish in paint or finish. We either stock or can get all types of small 3 point hitch implements. We also have Tarter cattle handling equipment and supplies.

Farm Service Solutions is located near Leoma, Tennessee, just south of Lawrenceburg and Hwy 64. The business is owned and managed by Chris Stutts.

The business specializes in small 3-point hitch equipment, cattle handling facilities, and other farm equipment often used by the smaller operator or hobby farmer. In many cases, Chris is able to significantly discount the regular retail price because of insignificant blemishes in the equipment that made it unmarketable by the manufacturer.

41 Williams Rd
Leoma, Tennessee  38468
(931) 242-7675


If he doesn't have it he will try to get it and it will always be a great price and quality.

Chris is a good guy with great customer service & honest values. He has quality products at very reasonable prices.


Our Nashville Craigslist Ads

We have used Craigslist for a long time as a dependable means of reaching our customers.

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While Craigslist has been very effective for us, we are moving to our own website as a primary way of reaching our customers. We can provide more information and better graphics along with a newsletter to push out to our subscribers.

We will probably continue to use Craigslist at multiple locations. This listing is only for Nashville, but you can easily find our other listings by clicking on "more ads by this user" and "include nearby areas."

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